Our Promise to You

You will get the most value for your dollar, guaranteed. How?

  • Overhead costs are kept to an absolute minimum. No fancy office space.
  • The marketing budget is minimal. Our satisfied homeowners do most of the marketing through word of mouth.
  • Only a handful of custom homes are built every year. Each one with one-on-one attention and care.

This home building approach means the cost savings are passed on directly to you. This means you get a custom home at an incredible value, unmatched craftsmanship, and combined with unmatched service.

Service: At the Heart of Our Custom Homes

To ensure a pleasant home building experience, our unmatched service includes:

  • Finding and securing the perfect lot for your home. Not only based off your needs and lifestyle, but things like topology, prevailing wind direction, and sun location are taken into consideration too.
  • Consulting on financing and mortgage details. We have established professional relationships with a few lenders who will go the extra mile to serve our clients’ needs.
  • Research and recommendation on materials from basic and practical to extraordinary and rare.
  • Anytime, one-on-one contact for complete and open communication.
  • Regular status updates and tracking-to-completion reports with photos.