Choosing to build a custom home is a big decision. When you choose to partner with Paradise Custom Homes, you’re partnering with an experienced home builder that will give you the one-on-one attention you deserve. With the last 15 years of building custom homes, we’ve been perfecting a home building process that’s exciting and clear from start to finish. We're committed to making the process of building your dream home as engaging, simple, and hassle-free as possible.

1. Exploration, Inspiration, and Estimation

Our professional designers are here to work for you. Taking into account all your needs, wants, and budget, our designers will create a preliminary drawing of your home. Once this initial drawing of the floor plan is created, it’s time to finalize and dive into the details! Here, you’ll begin to understand the amazing value we have to offer.


2. Design and Customize

After finalizing the preliminary drawing, this is where you can pick and choose all the details of your custom home. Our designers will continue to work with you to complete a full set of custom home drawings that will include: the floor plan, all four side elevations, site plan, roof plan, electrical plan, and a detailed cabinet plan with interior elevations. As details are changed, there will be no mysteries with pricing and no surprises along the way.


3. Building Your Custom Home

The most groundbreaking thing about building a custom home is actually breaking ground on your home site. Here, we are your personal builder that will keep you updated and informed throughout every step of the construction process. Questions and concerns can be addressed via email, phone call, or even text message at your convenience.


4. Welcome Home

This is where it’s time to start your housewarming party. Taking the keys to your new home that was built just how you wanted it is the moment you’ve been waiting for. Ready to start on your custom home?

Let's start building your dream home today.