5 Things to Avoid When Building A Custom Home

Nothing is more exciting than the first time you walk through the door of a new custom home that you helped design. What makes this experience even more exciting is when your home turns out just the way you envisioned from the very beginning. After building custom homes for countless clients throughout San Antonio, Boerne, Bulverde, and the beautiful Texas Hill Country over the past 15 years, we've learned a lot.

As a custom home builder that's focused on quality, but most importantly your satisfaction, we feel it's our duty to share the top five common mistakes you should avoid when building your dream home.

1. Don't act as your own general contractor

You  may have been told that all homes are the same—even custom homes. And all you have to do is find your own plumber, roofer, and framer to save 10% on building costs. This is probably the biggest mistake that could be made when building a house and can cost thousands of dollars to remedy. 

Building a quality custom home takes teamwork from from dedicated professionals in the local areas. This synergy between plumbers, roofers, etc. and the home builder doesn't happen overnight. It's a relationship that's formed over many years and many homes. This is also why choosing a builder with an established network of professionals is important. At Paradise Custom Homes, we take pride in our craftsmen who bring the ideas in your head to a reality that's guaranteed to bring satisfaction.

2. Starting the building process without a clear understanding of your budget

As a home builder, we always want to set expectations and meet them—even exceeding them every chance we get. The very last thing we want is disappointment when it comes to a purchase as big as a new home. A big part of being able to do this is sitting down together before starting on your home and deciding on how the budget will be allocated. 

Things to keep in mind: How much money will be spent on the house itself? What percentage of our home building budget will go to landscaping? How much will be spent on interior furnishings? 

By establishing these things at the very beginning with your builder and designer, it allows us to work together through your priority list and make sure that everything that is important for your custom home is accomplished. 

3. Designing your home before deciding on a property

This is a common mistake we see a lot. Especially when building custom homes in the Texas Hill Country, where the homesites can vary widely with hills and other obstacles on each homesite. 

A common misconception is that a custom home is only customized to a family's lifestyle. While this is partly true, a custom home is also customized to the property you choose to build it on. The grade of the property, the topography, and the location can all affect the costs of building your home. Another thing to consider is the orientation of your home while considering the effects of the sun. This one can easily be looked over, but is important especially come summer time when the Texas weather reaches above 100 degrees. The west sun is always the hottest. When designing your home, we avoid orienting it with the main living area exposed to the strong sun's rays. This also helps keep cooling costs down in the summer and protects furnishings from being damaged from the sun. Another thing to consider is positioning the outdoor living where it receives the southeasterly summer breezes.

4. Not paying close enough attention to your HVAC system

Like we said above, the Texas summers can be harsh and nothing makes them worse than having a home with an HVAC system that under performs for your home's needs. A common mistake we see is people trying to save money by reducing the size or quality of the HVAC system in their custom home. Choosing an HVAC system that underperforms won't cool or heat your home efficiently. This means not only will your new home be constantly warm in the summer when you want it cool, but energy costs will be high. Conversely, choosing a unit that's too big will utilize more energy than you need, which also drives up costs. 

Being a green-focused home builder, we pay close attention to the HVAC system because it can be where most of the energy costs come from. Our homes always meet or exceed Energy Star. For you, this means saving money year after year while staying cool in the summer and cozy in the winter. Our HVAC partners have a team of engineers that design a system for homes here in south Texas.

5. Not planning for delays

Construction delays are unavoidable. While we always do everything we can to finish a home within the given time period, there are things that are out of anyone's control, like weather. The Texas weather can be unpredictable at times, especially during the summer months where we can go weeks without a drop of rain then flash flooding without much warning. 

Another thing to think about is changes in the design of the home. For instance, indecisiveness on whether to use a tankless water heater or a conventional electric water heater can postpone the plumber's work, which then delays the electrician, and so on. 

As a professional custom home builder, we take pride in not only building the best custom homes throughout the Texas Hill Country region, but also being a knowledgeable resource for our clients. We strive to set realistic goals and expectations at the beginning of our relationship, which enhances the overall homebuilding experience. But most importantly, it brings you—the new homeowner—many happy years to come in your new home. 

If you're interested in working with Paradise Custom Homes to build your dream home, request a free quote here. You can also call or simply text, too. We'd love to hear from you.